Successful Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Abandoning the People’s Paradise in Droves

Despite their country’s thriving economy, successful Chinese entrepreneurs are emigrating to the West in droves. With substantial investment capital to accompany them, getting long-term visas is no problem.

Most choose Canada or the United States to settle in.

Usually those planning to emigrate are reluctance to talk about their reasons for wanting to leave China. This for fear of repercussions. However, those who can be persuaded to say a word or two on the subject almost invariably come up with the same concerns about their children’s future under an arbitrary, and therefore unpredictable, Chinese government.

Ironically, it was only after the Chinese government became more democratic, and allowed its citizens more freedom to use their initiative to become economically successful, that they began to think about emigration.

Under the Mao Tse-tung style of communism it was out of the question. Now people in China are better off than ever before. And yet the many who have made good under China’s economic revolution want more.

The children, in particular, of those who have made it big in China dream of a life in the West. So, too, do the children of the emerging middle class.

It seems that with prosperity comes an aversion to living under the strictures of a one-party dictatorship. They yearn for freedom of expression and a life in a constitutional state where the individual enjoys protection against the whims of the government.

Obama’s Prospects for Reelection Are Looking Better Now

Politics is a strange game. Only a year ago Barack Obama had the worst popularity rating of any past president at the same juncture of his incumbency. The way things stood, Obama had not a snowball’s hope in hell of reelection to a second term.

But look at him now. Americans are starting to like him again. Their somber mood seems to have brightened in concert with the three months of job growth and improved economic outlook.

Add to the mix the low caliber of his wannabe Republican challengers, and Obama’s prospects for reelection look better now than they have in quite a while.

Of course, it’s early days. The political situation can change in a week. We all know that. However, barring some unforeseen development, Obama is looking good for a second term in the White House.

The Drone — America’s Ultimate Weapon in the War on Terrorism

There can be no doubt now that drone technology is revolutionizing the way America fights its war on terrorism. Before long, America’s military will phase out manned aircraft altogether. Well — for dangerous missions, anyway.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America’s flying robots have sown terror in the hearts of the selfsame dispensers of terror. Groups such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda have no defence against the unmanned deliverers of death. They can run, which they’re doing with alacrity, but they can’t hide. At least not forever. Sooner or later the eye in the sky will find them, and when it does …

American military technology has turned the war on terrorism into a glorified video game, inflicting casualties on the enemy with impunity — and in that respect things are going to get a whole lot worse for them.

So far, Predator and Reaper drones, the size of conventional light airplanes, have been doing most of the damage. But the next generation of drones will be smaller. A lot smaller. Small enough so they can be designed to replicate birds or even insects — the fly on the wall scenario — the last word in surveillance capability.

Resembling birds and insects, with flapping wings so as to fly like them, the drones will completely blend into their surroundings. Hiding in plain sight, as it were.

Despite their tiny size, they will be equipped to kill as well as to gather intelligence. Moreover, the next generation drones will be able to fly by themselves, programmed to seek out specific targets marked either for surveillance or termination.

The thing of it is, all that stuff will be going on without the need for American boots on the ground — and that’s the biggest plus factor of all.

UPDATE (9 February 2012): An American drone on Thursday located and killed Badar Mansoor, al-Qaeda’s chief in Pakistan.

A senior Pakistani official, speaking off the record, said that Mansoor died in missile attacks that occurred overnight in Miranshah, and that his death was a major blow to al-Qaeda.

Is Iran Preparing for War Against America?  

There’s a lot of bellicose talk coming out of Iran these days. Of course those guys are smarting under the crippling sanctions imposed on them, and you’d expect them to be peeved and running off at the mouth some. However, the words coming from Iran’s leaders are chilling.

So could Iran be preparing for war against America.

Speaking at a world conference on the Arab Spring in Tehran a week ago, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, told hundreds of cheering youths from more than 70 countries that human history is on the verge of a great event which will see America and Israel defeated.

So what’s that supposed to mean?

Apparently, after President Obama’s letter to the Iranian leader last month, calling for further negotiations over the nuclear impasse, Khamenei ordered Iranian officials to give Obama and other Western leaders the impression that a negotiated solution was possible. At the same time he ordered a speedy completion of Iran’s nuclear bomb program, which includes developing long range missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

Iranian military or commercial vessels could then be armed with the missiles and sail right up to the American coastline and launch them at targets of the Iranians’ choosing.

It goes without saying that America is not about to let that happen. Therefore, it’s a sure bet that if sanctions don’t work, America will use its military option before Iran reaches any such capability.

Nonetheless, it seems Iran is determined to continue full steam ahead with its nuclear weapons program regardless of consequences.