Conservatives and Racists Are Dumb

Get a load of this. According to the findings of researchers at Canada’s Brock University, “both right-wing thinkers and racists alike are kind of dumb”. The study confirms what liberals believe they have known for donkeys’ years.

Researchers have found that children with limited intelligence are more likely to show racist tendencies and political conservatism when they grow up.

Even among adults, racists and conservatives consistently underperform on standardized ability tests. They tend to be rigid in their thinking, and to find social complexities beyond their powers of reasoning.

Dr. Gordon Hodson, a professor of psychology and primary author of the findings, told Live Science that socially “conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order” and “are much easier to make sense of than, say, disarray and chaos”, and that “the less intelligent will gravitate towards more manageable ideals”, many of which “can also contribute to prejudice”.

The studies were carried out in the UK and the US.