Is Iran Preparing for War Against America?

There’s a lot of bellicose talk coming out of Iran these days. Of course those guys are smarting under the crippling sanctions imposed on them, and you’d expect them to be peeved and running off at the mouth some. However, the words coming from Iran’s leaders are chilling.

So could Iran be preparing for war against America.

Speaking at a world conference on the Arab Spring in Tehran a week ago, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, told hundreds of cheering youths from more than 70 countries that human history is on the verge of a great event which will see America and Israel defeated.

So what’s that supposed to mean?

Apparently, after President Obama’s letter to the Iranian leader last month, calling for further negotiations over the nuclear impasse, Khamenei ordered Iranian officials to give Obama and other Western leaders the impression that a negotiated solution was possible. At the same time he ordered a speedy completion of Iran’s nuclear bomb program, which includes developing long range missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

Iranian military or commercial vessels could then be armed with the missiles and sail right up to the American coastline and launch them at targets of the Iranians’ choosing.

It goes without saying that America is not about to let that happen. Therefore, it’s a sure bet that if sanctions don’t work, America will use its military option before Iran reaches any such capability.

Nonetheless, it seems Iran is determined to continue full steam ahead with its nuclear weapons program regardless of consequences.