Successful Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Abandoning the People’s Paradise in Droves

Despite their country’s thriving economy, successful Chinese entrepreneurs are emigrating to the West in droves. With substantial investment capital to accompany them, getting long-term visas is no problem.

Most choose Canada or the United States to settle in.

Usually those planning to emigrate are reluctance to talk about their reasons for wanting to leave China. This for fear of repercussions. However, those who can be persuaded to say a word or two on the subject almost invariably come up with the same concerns about their children’s future under an arbitrary, and therefore unpredictable, Chinese government.

Ironically, it was only after the Chinese government became more democratic, and allowed its citizens more freedom to use their initiative to become economically successful, that they began to think about emigration.

Under the Mao Tse-tung style of communism it was out of the question. Now people in China are better off than ever before. And yet the many who have made good under China’s economic revolution want more.

The children, in particular, of those who have made it big in China dream of a life in the West. So, too, do the children of the emerging middle class.

It seems that with prosperity comes an aversion to living under the strictures of a one-party dictatorship. They yearn for freedom of expression and a life in a constitutional state where the individual enjoys protection against the whims of the government.