Electronic Armageddon: Iran’s Threat to America

I watched a video that sent shivers down my spine. It describes the nightmare consequences to America should an Iranian rocket-borne nuclear device be detonated high in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts predict that within 18 months of such an event, 90% of Americans would be dead from starvation. That’s because the resulting electromagnetic pulse signal (EMP) would knock out all communication and computers and the systems which depend on them.

The electricity grid would permanently black out: airplanes would fall from the sky; America’s water and food supply would run out; vehicles’ electronic systems would fail and all forms of transportation would grind to a halt; and hospitals and nursing homes would stop functioning. In fact America’s entire modern infrastructure would simply cease to be.

One can’t begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue. It would be as if America were suddenly dumped back into the 18th century without warning.

It was bad enough in August 2003, when power shut off along the east coast of America and Canada and major cities were brought to a standstill. Unprecedented chaos broke out, with standing traffic backed up for miles. But it could have been a lot worse. At least vehicles still worked, as did communication systems and law enforcement. When the electricity came back on, things quickly returned to normal.

Expert opinion is that in the event of an EMP attack, the damage would be permanent, and Americans would begin to die of starvation in exponentially increasing numbers during the months ahead. A study in 2004, conducted by a commission headed by Roscoe Bartlett, indicated that 90% of Americans would die within 12 to 18 months.

If Iran succeeds in developing nuclear weapons capacity, America would without a doubt become a first-strike target. In fact, Iran has had a plan in place for about a decade, conducting tests, and firing rockets straight up into the sky from the deck of a specially equipped container ship.

It really is very simple. All they’d have to do is sail a container ship to within 200 miles of the Gulf of Mexico, fire a rocket containing a nuclear device into the sky, and detonate it.

And that would be all she wrote.

Of course, Iran itself probably would not exist long enough to witness the results of its handiwork. No doubt America’s submarines would retaliate with their SLBMs, and by the time the dust settled the landmass which is Iran today would be utterly barren and uninhabitable for thousands of years.

And then what would be the reaction of Russia and China? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But that’s another story.

The “Fallout” From Such An Event Would endanger America and Place in Jeopardy the Lives of People Elsewhere in the World

On 11 September 2001 I was in Benoni, South Africa, sitting in the living room of a friend who was leaving for New Zealand the following day. My cell phone rang, and it was my granddaughter in California telling me to turn on the television.

My friend turned on the set and the spectacle of smoke pouring from one of the towers of the World Trade Center in New York met our eyes. Someone was saying that a light aircraft had flown into the building.

Just then a commercial jetliner appeared on-screen behind the Trade Centre. It banked sharply, lined up with the second tower, and flew straight into it in a burst of flame and debris. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The speaker continued momentarily along his train of thought before falling into stunned silence. Then in a faltering voice he said, “There was another one … another plane just flew into the second tower … this can’t be an accident.”

Of course it was no accident. My friend and I had already realized that. Even so, the magnitude of what was unfolding halfway across the world, yet before our very eyes, took a while to fully register. We couldn’t equate the horrifying scenes on the television screen with real life. It had to be a movie.

But it was real; and the full extent of the horror was yet to play out. Suddenly one of the towers collapsed in on itself, falling straight down the way buildings do in planned demolitions. Then the second tower collapsed in the same manner. Just like that they were gone, in their place roiling, boiling dust and debris.

“My God,” I cried out, “those buildings were full of people!”

Later we watched footage shot before the towers collapsed, when flames forced people to jump from windows so high they seemed to take forever to fall all the way to the ground. One couple held hands as they fell.

Some 3,000 people perished in that attack. Others died in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania and the one that flew into the Pentagon. And we soon learned that it was the work of Islamic terrorists.

But of course the events of 9/11 are ancient history so why am I going back over it now? Bear with me and you’ll see why.

What we saw back then was the destruction wrought by two jumbo jets crashing into the World Trade Center. What would happen if the next terrorist attack were to be carried out in New York by a suicide bomber with a 1-kiloton nuclear bomb in his backpack?

According to a computer model, about twenty thousand people would die instantly. Another quarter of a million people — those exposed to the fireball — would die gruesomely within a day or so. Fallout from the mushroom cloud, which would rise more than two miles into the air, would spread up to ten miles killing people slowly over weeks, months and even years.

But probably terrorists would want to use a much bigger bomb.

If they managed to set off a twenty megaton bomb the fireball would be more than six miles in diameter killing millions instantly. New York City and everyone in it would turn into radioactive dust rising ten miles up into the air in a lethal mushroom cloud, twelve miles in diameter, blotting out the light of the sun, turning day into night.

That could be the scene on our television screens one day if Islamic terrorists ever get their hands on nuclear weapons. So it simply cannot be allowed to happen. Rogue states like Iran must be stopped at all costs from manufacturing nuclear weapons, which they would in all likelihood pass on to radical militant Islamic groups.

Bearing in mind all of the above, you can imagine my concern at reading that a man who could be America’s next Commander-in-Chief sees no harm in Iran developing nuclear weapons. Yes, I’m talking about Congressman Ron Paul here.

Besides being an extreme libertarian — who opposes drug laws and income tax; who wants to end Social Security and Medicaid; who is against the government providing houses and goods for everybody — he is tainted with allegations of racism arising out of newsletters published in his name in the 1980s and 1990s.

He says there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and that even if it did, there would be nothing wrong with that seeing Iran is threatened by hostile powers some of which already have nuclear weapons.

And if you think nothing can top that, get a load of this: he believes America brought 9/11 on itself, and that the war on terror amounts to a declaration of war on all Muslims.

All I can hope for — and you should too — is that Ron Paul never makes it to the White House. The “fallout” from such an event would endanger America and place in jeopardy the lives of people elsewhere in the world.