Electronic Armageddon: Iran’s Threat to America

I watched a video that sent shivers down my spine. It describes the nightmare consequences to America should an Iranian rocket-borne nuclear device be detonated high in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts predict that within 18 months of such an event, 90% of Americans would be dead from starvation. That’s because the resulting electromagnetic pulse signal (EMP) would knock out all communication and computers and the systems which depend on them.

The electricity grid would permanently black out: airplanes would fall from the sky; America’s water and food supply would run out; vehicles’ electronic systems would fail and all forms of transportation would grind to a halt; and hospitals and nursing homes would stop functioning. In fact America’s entire modern infrastructure would simply cease to be.

One can’t begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue. It would be as if America were suddenly dumped back into the 18th century without warning.

It was bad enough in August 2003, when power shut off along the east coast of America and Canada and major cities were brought to a standstill. Unprecedented chaos broke out, with standing traffic backed up for miles. But it could have been a lot worse. At least vehicles still worked, as did communication systems and law enforcement. When the electricity came back on, things quickly returned to normal.

Expert opinion is that in the event of an EMP attack, the damage would be permanent, and Americans would begin to die of starvation in exponentially increasing numbers during the months ahead. A study in 2004, conducted by a commission headed by Roscoe Bartlett, indicated that 90% of Americans would die within 12 to 18 months.

If Iran succeeds in developing nuclear weapons capacity, America would without a doubt become a first-strike target. In fact, Iran has had a plan in place for about a decade, conducting tests, and firing rockets straight up into the sky from the deck of a specially equipped container ship.

It really is very simple. All they’d have to do is sail a container ship to within 200 miles of the Gulf of Mexico, fire a rocket containing a nuclear device into the sky, and detonate it.

And that would be all she wrote.

Of course, Iran itself probably would not exist long enough to witness the results of its handiwork. No doubt America’s submarines would retaliate with their SLBMs, and by the time the dust settled the landmass which is Iran today would be utterly barren and uninhabitable for thousands of years.

And then what would be the reaction of Russia and China? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But that’s another story.