The Kindle is progress

Back in the day, the horse and buggy had to give way to the automobile—and now it looks like it’s the turn of printed literature to give way to electronic literature.

“The notion that physical books are ending their lifecycle is upsetting to people who hold them to be synonymous with literature and terrifying to those who make their living within the existing structures of publishing. As an editor and a lover of books, I sympathize. But why should a civilization that reads electronically be any less literate than one that harvests trees to do so?”

2 thoughts on “The Kindle is progress”

  1. I read the full article. I don’t think printed books are going to become obsolete as soon as he does. Printed books still make up about 70% of all book sales, so I think we can slow down a little before writing their obituary.

    1. You’re probably right. Nonetheless, for several reasons I can think of, printed books will be phased out eventually.

      More and more best-selling authors are accepting the inevitable; Stephen King and James Patterson are two such.

      JK Rowling, however, won’t be one of them. At least not anytime soon. Right now she is outspokenly opposed to electronic books.

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