Are Official ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Legit?

Republican senator John Barrasso doesn’t think they are. In fact, he thinks the Obama administration has “cooked the books.”

Said Barrasso: “I’ve looked at this 10 different ways. This health care law is unfixable.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who’s right.

What About a Military Option to Curb Putin’s Empire Ambitions?

What if economic sanctions aren’t enough to get Putin to back off over Crimea?

Economic sanctions are a good tool, but not a substitute for a credible military option. Even potent economic sanctions over decades have not brought Cuba, Iran, and North Korea to their knees. Russia will be even more difficult to break with economic sanctions because it is the eighth largest economy in the world.

How can the U.S. add muscle in the present Ukraine crisis?

The boldest and riskiest course would be to dispatch 50 or 60 of the incredibly potent F-22s to Poland plus Patriot batteries and appropriate ground support and protection. Russian generals and even Putin surely know that the F-22s could smash the far inferior Russian air force and then punish Russian armies invading eastern Ukraine or elsewhere in the region.

Putin’s Crimea Grab Could Hurt Russia

And he may have underestimated President Obama’s resolve this time.

“The intervention in Crimea and subsequent fall in Russian assets has resulted in tightening financial conditions and is likely to have reversed the improvement in business confidence experienced in the first two months of the year,” Jinny Yan, a London-based economist with Standard Chartered, said in a note Wednesday.

Snowdon Damage Will Take Decades To Repair

That’s according to the White House official in charge of cyber security.

“Make no mistake: We are going to be dealing with the fallout from that for all of your careers, and the impact that that has had on our national security will reverberate for decades,” Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president for cyber security, told Naval Academy midshipmen.

And some poor misguided souls still think Snowdon is a hero.

Israel At Odds With U.S. Over Visas

Albeit they are close allies, Israel is not included in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program.

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) – With the United States irked at Israel over its settlement policies and the lack of progress in peace talks, an obscure diplomatic classification has emerged as a new sticking point between the two close allies.

To ease the travel of its citizens, Israel is pressing to join 38 other countries in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program – a prestigious club of nations whose citizens don’t need a preapproved visa to visit America. So far, their efforts have not only been rebuffed, but Israel has seen a spike in the number of young people and military officers rejected entry to the U.S.

The Crimea Crisis Is Obama’s Nightmare

And how will he deal with it, considering the doubts many Americans have about his foreign policy positions?

The president’s apparent inability to pull together a coherent (domestic and international) coalition to deal with the Syrian civil war and Syrian chemical weapons without the intervention of Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t help his ratings much at all. Then, most recently, what appeared to many to be confusion within the Obama administration over dealing with the on-going turmoil in Ukraine – and then the sudden Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula – has highlighted difficulties the Obama team has had in identifying and carrying out policies to deal effectively with a seemingly surefooted Vladimir Putin.

Two public opinion polls, both released the week of 24 March, have now defined how support for Obama’s foreign policies have dropped, although there has been one important qualifier. According to the new Associated Press-GfK poll, despite falling support more generally, Obama’s primary tactic of imposing economic sanctions on key Russians has gained strong backing.

Is there a need to bear Down on troublesome bears in Florida?

The bear population in Florida is increasing by leaps and bounds and so are their interactions with humans.

“Officials are worried about the sharp growth in human-bear interactions—and a vicious attack—in a state where the number of people has tripled. Can ‘bear-awareness’ keep the peace?”