Swimmers warned over snake-like ‘vampire fish’ invading Britain’s rivers

Sea lampreys are horrifying snake-like ‘vampire fish’ that can grow up to four feet in length and as thick as a man’s wrist.

They use their funnel-shaped mouths, filled with razor-sharp teeth, to attach themselves to their prey—usually other fish, but, if hungry enough, human swimmers also—in order to feed off its flesh and blood.

And here’s what:

The Swimmer’s Daily website has warned outdoor swimmers to “keep an eye out” for the scary fish.

In an article named “ancient, ugly and swimming up British rivers” the site says that summer sees the adult fish swimming upstream to spawn.

The fish, which are older than dinosaurs, had been declining in the UK because of pollution and manmade structures in our rivers.

But, the site reveals: “The cleaning up of the rivers and provision of passes to allow them to get round weirs and other obstructions has allowed them to recolonize rivers that had not seen a lamprey for many years.”

Sea lampreys are also found in lakes and rivers across the United States and Canada.