Donald Trump’s Missteps Are Nothing Compared to the Establishment’s Corruption

In this blogger’s view (I’m actually a conservative Democrat who’s so repulsed by Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty I’m rooting for a Republican to be our next president) when Trump speaks on the teleprompter, and only when he speaks on the teleprompter, he can be riveting.

That’s when he stays on the essential message that got him the nomination, which is: Growing the economy, fighting terrorism and stopping illegal immigration.

On the other hand, when The Donald speaks off the cuff he is just plain insufferable. It’s sheer agony having to listen to interminably-repeated boring phrases, interspersed, for good measure, with vainglorious bragging and boorish denunciations of all who, in his judgement, haven’t been “fair” to him.

(But that’s just me. Obviously, the huge crowds he draws are testimony to the fact that a hell of a lot of people find Trump highly relevant — on or off the teleprompter.)

I don’t know whether Trump would make a good or bad president. But, again, considering the Hillary Clinton alternative, it’s worth giving him a try.

One thing Trump has demonstrated undeniably, is that he is a winner.

Despite his recent missteps that saw Hillary surge to a 10-point lead over Trump, the latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll shows he has caught up with her.

And he has done it “with the entire media establishment 100 percent in the tank against him. Both left-wing media, so-called ‘mainstream’ media and the vast majority of conservative media. He is also running against both entrenched party establishments.”

Moreover, Trump “is running against the most dishonest, politically motivated and globally entrenched political machine in the history of American politics.”

To be certain, Mr. Trump has committed some unforced errors. He veers wildly off the message that has worked so well for him about growing the economy, fighting terrorism and stopping illegal immigration.

Sometimes, when he gets into a weeklong spat with a Gold Star family (But they hit me first!), he makes even his supporters wonder if he is actually trying to win this thing or if it has all become boring for him. He sometimes campaigns looking a little like the dog that finally caught the car.

But it is important to remember that you don’t have to be an expert politician to be president. You don’t have to be an expert politician to recognize the glaring problems facing this country. And you don’t have to be an expert politician to fix the problems.

Indeed, it was the professional politicians who created every single one of these problems.