The Donald Lands in Louisiana and Meets With Hard-Hit Flood Victims

In a show of solidarity with the people of Louisiana, “Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence traveled to Baton Rouge on Friday to visit flood victims and relief crews and survey damage from the catastrophic flooding that has killed 13 people and displaced thousands across South Louisiana.”

And people in the welcoming crowd at the airport greeted Trump with shouts of, “We knew you would be here for us.”

Jeff Nolan of Denham Springs said he lost his home in the flood. As Trump approached the crowd, Nolan had the real estate mogul sign the back of his shirt.

“The only thing I’ve got left is my truck,” Nolan said. “But material things can be replaced.”

Already a Trump supporter, Nolan said it meant “everything” to him that the presidential candidate was there to see the damage and relief efforts first-hand.

“Trump is the man,” he said. “He’s the real deal.”

Nolan said he supports Trump because he’s a straight shooter who isn’t worried about being politically correct.

Another  flood victim, Rae Anne Antoone of Central, said “she lost everything in the flood. Her home took on four feet of water and she estimated that 85 percent of her family has been affected.

Antoone said that when “we heard Donald Trump was coming, no one could keep us away,”

Trump’s arrival in the disaster area was in “dramatic contrast to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom have neglected to visit a region where more than a dozen have died and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes.”

Though the press has barely noticed, Obama’s performance is demonstrably worse than that of George W. Bush during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, when Bush at least broke off his vacation and attempted to show some compassion by flying over the area to witness the devastation. He then actually landed on the scene a couple of days later to check up on the relief effort and offer moral support.

But he was nevertheless pilloried by the very same mainstream media that seem to think it is okay that Obama is dining out on overpriced seafood and tooling around in a golf cart while Louisiana residents are using rowboats to try to get to their homes and salvage their belongings.

Obama did take some time out from his R&R — to attend a fundraiser to raise money for politicians, of course, not beleaguered Cajuns.

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards (who pointedly did not go to meet Trump upon his arrival) in a demonstration of blatant hypocrisy, found fault with Trump’s visit, suggesting it was a political photo-op.

Rudy Giuliani immediately fired back at Edwards:

“The Democrat Governor’s criticism of Mr. Trump’s visit to Louisiana is an outrage, and completely inconsistent with their criticism of President Bush’s decision to not go to New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina,” Giuliani said in a statement sent out by the Trump campaign. “It is the defining principle of leadership to show up at the scene of a disaster in order to assess damage first hand.”

Giuliani said when he was mayor of New York during the September 11 attacks, he “welcomed” leaders to the city in a show of unity.

The former New York mayor said, “Today, Donald Trump acted more Presidential than the President himself, by immediately going to Louisiana while President Obama chose to continue playing golf and Hillary Clinton phoned in her views.”