Why Trump Will Easily Win the 2016 Presidential Election

Political blogger John Hinderaker thinks Donald Trump “will win rather easily, and win going away as he did the Republican primaries.”

Hinderaker compares Hillary’s campaign to — hypothetically speaking — a brand of dog food that, despite millions of dollars spent on a promotional campaign with “commercials on television and ads in magazines,” didn’t sell because dogs didn’t like that brand of dog food and therefore wouldn’t eat any of it.

The fact is:

Hillary Clinton can be re-launched, re-packaged, and protected by a phalanx of reporters. The liberal establishment can do its best to jam her down our throats. But we – the voters – don’t like her. And the more we see of her, the more our dislike is confirmed. She is too weak a candidate to be elected president.

And another thing:

Millions of Americans are quietly fuming over the press’s overreach, going over the top, day after day, to defeat Donald Trump. The blowback is building, and will continue building until election day.

Hinderaker could be right — just as long as Trump doesn’t self-destruct between now and election day.