Did the Justice Department Conduct a Genuine Investigation of Hillary Clinton?

According to an article by David Harsanyi, a Senior Editor at The Federalist, “the Justice Dempartment’s Hillary investigation reeks of corruption,” that “Hillary Clinton is above the law” and “was never going to be indicted” anyway.

Nor had Hillary’s friends anything to worry about either:

According to an Associated Press report, the Justice Department reached criminal immunity deals with three of Hillary Clinton’s close advisers in exchange for information that could normally be obtained through subpoenas or search warrants — or, perhaps, simply by asking.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz’s wry take on the FBI’s investigation was that “the FBI was handing out immunity deals like candy. No wonder they couldn’t prosecute anyone.”

As a New York Post editorial notes:

Frankly, it’s amazing that Hillary didn’t get a deal herself. Then again, it’s become clear that she didn’t need one.

President Obama publicly declared months ago, at the start of the FBI investigation, that Clinton had done nothing wrong. As we said at the time: The fix was in.