Trump Will Grow the Economy Much Faster Than Hillary

Donald Trump’s economic plan will “significantly increase America’s real GDP growth rate” – resulting in trillions of dollars of additional revenues, according to a new study authored by investor Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro, a top economist at the University of California.

“When evaluated as a single integrated whole, the Trump plan is revenue neutral and fiscally conservative,” Ross and Navarro write in the study.

Ross, one of the nation’s most respected private equity investors, and Navarro serve as senior economic policy advisers for Trump’s campaign.

“It grows the economy much faster than Hillary Clinton’s plan to raise taxes, increase regulation, stifle our energy sector, and perpetuate chronic trade deficits,” the study finds.

According to Ross and Navarro, Trump’s plan “proposes tax cuts, reduced regulation, lower energy costs, and eliminating America’s chronic trade deficit.”

Sounds good.