‘We Run the Streets’: Angry Mob Attacks Patrol Car With Officer Still Inside

A police officer who responded to several calls about illegal street racing and reckless driving found himself surrounded by a mob of angry people, some of whom yelled and cursed at him while others hit and kicked his vehicle as he sat inside.

“F the police, we run the streets,” they said, according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Damage to the patrol car, which had several dents and shattered windows, amounted to $12,000.

Three men, Federico Gonzalez, 20; Gabriel Deanda, 18; and Milton Rodriguez, 29, have been arrested in connection with the incident, and police are still looking for more suspects.

“We’re going to identify as many people as possible that were involved in this incident and we’re going to arrest them,” Dyer told ABC affiliate KFSN-TV. “We’ll work with the DA’s office to prosecute them and make sure they’re prosecuted on some serious felony charges.”

Dyer said that had the officer gotten out of his car when the crowd surrounded him, “I’m not sure what would’ve happened.”