American Electorate Feeling Soiled and in Need of a Shower

Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ on Thursday, opined that the scandals surrounding both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are beginning to make the American electorate feel dirty.

Here’s what Krauthammer had to say:

I think we have an electorate that’s beginning to feel soiled, and in need of a shower. The hypocrisy and the real damage is to both parties and the political system. Think of the bilateral hypocrisy here. During the Clinton scandals, the Democrats insisted this is private stuff, none of your business, character isn’t important; it’s the delivery of goods, services, actions as president. And now, of course, they’re shocked, shocked to find all of this stuff with Trump. Trump, himself, parades out the women who accused Bill Clinton, and now he’s responding to his accusers exactly the same way he says Hillary did at the time of the Bill scandals in the ’90s. Neither party is clean on this. It’s damaging to him, because he’s the guy on the spot. The allegations are fresh, even if the actions were old. People have heard, and they’ve already factored in the Clinton scandals, and, I — look, these numbers show that he got really badly hit, and came back a bit as a result of the debate, but 7 points with four weeks to go, back, which is what he is, is deadly.

Watch the video.