President Obama says Donald Trump is behaving like a crybaby

At a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, Obama slammed the Republican Party’s presidential candidate:

Ratcheting up his mockery of Donald Trump, President Obama said Friday that the Republican nominee is behaving like a crybaby who knows he’s losing the race for president and intends “to drag this election as low as it can possibly go.”

Obama also said:

“This is a guy who spent all his time hanging around trying to convince everybody he was a global elite, talking about how great his buildings are, how luxurious, and how rich he is,” Mr. Obama said, laughing. “All he had time for is celebrities. And now suddenly he’s acting like he’s a populist? Come on, man! You want to know what somebody’s going to do? Look what they’ve been doing their whole lives.”

President Obama makes a valid point. Trump’s constant boasting at rally after rally must surely be off-putting, if not extremely irritating, to many who want to hear more about policy and less about the man himself.

Trump’s die-hard fans, on the other hand, seem to revel in his every utterance.