CNN shouldn’t stop at dumping just Donna Brazile

Politico’s Jack Shafer writes:

CNN did the right thing for the wrong reason today, dumping the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, from its roster of on-camera “contributors.”

According to the hacked Podesta emails, Brazile had tipped the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign about questions that would be asked in the primary debates, giving one of her incriminating emails the subject head, “From time to time I get the questions in advance.” In another email, she gave a sneak peak of a question that would be asked by a Flint “woman with a rash,” and would inquire of Clinton what she would do for Flint as president.

What Brazile did was wrong. Although CNN hired her to advance and defend the Democratic Party’s case in the endless hours of news talk the cable networks air, nothing can justify directly screwing one of the interests she collects pay from — CNN — in the process. She didn’t reduce the primary debates to a shambles, but she did violate an implied oath that the partisanship that got her the gig in the first place would not include such open-and-shut chicanery. Shame on Brazile. May she never suit up for paid verbal combat in the green room again.

Her deceit reveals an ugly aspect of news talk that will probably go unremedied as Brazile is tarred and feathered by the ethics cops: That is, the whole show-business concept that places paid partisan yakkers on television is corrupt and venal and deserves burial in a shallow grave.

Yes, indeed. Who needs partisan yakkers in their living room?

Frankly, it’s become tiresome listening to spin-artists on news talk shows, time after time, gainsaying each and every story — even when irrefutably factual — that casts their respective party or party leader in a bad light.

And that’s aside from the rank dishonesty Jack Shafer refers to in his article.