Trump needs a miracle after Hillary Clinton surges to a big lead in Nevada

The Washington Examiner’s David M. Drucker writes:

Hillary Clinton heads into Election Day with a nearly insurmountable lead in Nevada thanks to Democratic turnout in early voting.

Donald Trump faces a steep climb in the race for Nevada’s six Electoral College votes after a record-setting day of early voting in Clark County (Las Vegas), a Democratic stronghold and the state’s population center.

The results, as detailed by Nevada political analyst Jon Ralston, were fueled by a surge of Hispanic voters, who might have been extra-motivated to participate because of the Republican nominee’s hardline policies on legal and illegal immigration.

“Trump’s path was nearly impossible, as I have been telling you, before what happened in Clark County on Friday,” Ralston wrote Saturday in a blog post. “But now he needs a miracle in Vegas on Election Day — and a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl championship is more likely — to turn this around.”