Physical attacks surge on Trump supporters and their property

Award-winning investigative journalist Matthew Vadum writes:

Physical attacks on Donald Trump supporters and their personal property appear to be growing increasingly common as Election Day approaches and passions intensify.

As LifeZette recently reported, there was a foiled assassination attempt at a Trump rally and many Trump supporters have been beaten up or hit with flying objects throughout the course of the fall campaign.

While the mainstream media has relentlessly promoted Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, it has largely ignored or downplayed these violent attacks against supporters of Donald Trump.

And here’s the thing:

Many violent attacks at pro-Trump events appear to have been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and senior operatives in the Democratic National Committee. Undercover videos shot by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas Action caught senior Democrat consultants Robert Creamer and Scott Foval acknowledging using dirty, likely illegal tricks against the Trump campaign. Both have since resigned from the DNC, a move some consider to be an admission of guilt. Their goal was to generate negative media coverage of Trump rallies by fomenting violence at them. The media eagerly used the various altercations Democrats created to attempt to discredit Trump by depicting his supporters as violent, knuckle-dragging crazies.

Foval said on camera his agents “infiltrate” Trump events. “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf**ker.” He adds, “we’re starting anarchy here.”

In one video Creamer says Hillary Clinton personally knows about the false flag operation. Her campaign “is fully in it,” he says. “Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.” Previously convicted of felony bank fraud, Creamer has close personal ties to President Obama and has visited the Obama White House 342 times including 47 meetings with Obama personally.

One of the visits even took place in Obama’s personal living quarters. “It’s a very big deal that Creamer visited the president’s residence in the White House,” a former senior White House employee told this writer. “White House employees can work there for years and never visit the residence.”