Half of America is about to get gut-punched

Political analyst Bill Scher writes:

No matter what happens on Election Day, tens of millions of Americans are going feel like they got punched in the gut.

Democratic Hillary Clinton supporters, while congenitally skittish, are incredulous that an immigrant-bashing, misogynistic blowhard could even make this presidential race competitive, and are taking to the bank the poll lead Clinton has held essentially all year.

Republican Donald Trump’s superfans, while convinced everything is rigged, found new optimism in the wake of the FBI’s review of Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer and the subsequent smattering of tighter polls. (Comey popped the balloon on the GOP’s hopes of finding a smoking gun Sunday when he told lawmakers in a letter that, based on the new review, “we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” But Trump voters may still conclude that Americans are more primed than ever to imprison Clinton instead of elect her.) The Trump campaign had been feeding the optimism by stumping in blue states like Michigan and Minnesota where the GOP nominee has never held a lead. They believe America is on the verge of a “Brexit” moment, in which a silent nationalist majority outperforms the polls and humiliates the Establishment.

The two groups live in different worlds — if not geographically then online.  But by Wednesday morning, someone’s worldview will be shattered beyond recognition.

All of the above is spot-on. Without doubt, half the country is going to be seriously pissed off come Wednesday when the result of the election is known.

On the other hand — looking on the bright side — half the country is going to be elated.