Presidential campaign ends in humiliation for Hillary and the pollsters as the voters America forgot sweep Donald to a stunning victory

The Mail reports:

Donald Trump sensationally won the White House race this morning as Pennsylvania fell at 1.36am — humiliating his rival Hillary Clinton and the entire American political class with a victory which will send shock waves around the world.

Though Clinton called Trump to concede, she refused to make a public speech and sent her campaign chairman to tell supporters: ‘We can wait a little longer. Every vote should count.’

The bizarre ending to Clinton’s political career came after Trump confounded pollsters at every turn, capturing one ‘swing’ state after another in a line of toppled dominoes that stretched across three time zones and now ends at the White House.

The last to fall was the Keystone State — after Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin all went to the Republican. That gave him 274 votes in the electoral college — the winner is the first to achieve 270.