It wasn’t the polls that missed, it was the mainstream media

The fact is, the corporate-funded media was so blinded by their own zealotry that they did not once deign to even consider the possibility they could be wrong, and that Trump might actually win the election.

And they came a colossal credibility cropper as a result — something every journo, expressing an adamant opinion about an outcome during future elections, will be reminded of.

From RealClearPolitics:

There is a fast-building meme that Donald Trump’s surprising win on Tuesday reflected a failure of the polls. This is wrong. The story of 2016 is not one of poll failure.  It is a story of interpretive failure and a media environment that made it almost taboo to even suggest that Donald Trump had a real chance to win the election.

At RealClearPolitics, we know that the RCP Poll Average is a powerful tool for gauging election trends and projecting outcomes.  But we also recognize that it is not a perfect tool, and that even when aggregating multiple polls, the margin of error within each survey allows for a range of possibilities to exist. This is especially true in an election year that was as unique and volatile as 2016.