Anti-Trump protesters are the real deplorables

Journalist, author and Republican radio talk-show host Howie Carr writes:

Can I have the bullhorn please?

I would like to address all of you rioting hippies, fifth-generation welfare leeches and assorted illegal immigrants who are currently looting, burning and carjacking your way across the college campuses and free-stuff districts of America.

First of all, can we describe these civil disturbances for what they really are? These are not “anti-Trump” riots, they are “pro-Hillary” temper tantrums.

Tuesday was the revolt of the working classes. Now we have an ongoing insurrection of the non-working classes.

All the same Occupy vermin who camped out on the Greenway to protest the corrupt patriarchy of Wall Street one-percenters are now protesting the fair-and-square defeat of the corrupt candidate who was supported by 99.99 percent of Wall Street one-percenters.

Go figure.

I beseech you snowflakes. Put down your therapy puppies and your Molotov cocktails.

President-elect Trump has asked me to personally reassure you that he has no plans to compel anyone to actually get jobs in this new post-Trumpocalaypse America.

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