Donald Trump has chosen Senator Jeff Sessions to fix the “politicized” DOJ

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Five,” Donald Trump’s transition team advisor Kellyanne Conway said that ‘Sen. Jeff Sessions has been chosen to serve as attorney general under President-elect Donald Trump when he takes office and will fix the “politicized” Department of Justice.’

Conway told the hosts Sessions will right what the team sees are some wrongs.

“In the case of Jeff Sessions in the Department of Justice, I think it’s been a very politicized department of late,” Conway said. “Hopefully he can bring it back to the calibration where it should be. He has been a well-respected federal prosecutor for 15 years, obviously a United States senator from Alabama for about 20 years. U.S. attorney, I believe, from Alabama.

Sessions will replace current Attorney General Loretta Lynch who sparked a firestorm of criticism when a reporter revealed that she had secretly met with Bill Clinton aboard her jet in a remote part of the Phoenix airport barely days before FBI Director James Comey decided to let Hillary Clinton, who was under a criminal investigation, off the hook.