Justice is served by the appointment of Jeff Sessions

Civil rights groups, and others on the political left, are criticizing, over issues of racism, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Jeff Sessions to replace Loretta Lynch as United States Attorney General.

Ed Rogers, political consultant and veteran of the White House, doesn’t agree with that view of Sessions.

He writes:

Donald Trump’s appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general does a lot to signal the president-elect wants a no-nonsense, by-the-book Justice Department. Sessions has been my friend for 30 years and my senator for 20 years. His Justice Department will not meddle with local governments, it will be respectful and deferential to state legislatures and it won’t look to make trouble with universities, school systems or private businesses.

Importantly, Sessions’s appointment tells the United States’ beleaguered law enforcement agencies help is on the way. It also shows Trump wants to strike a blow to the corrosive, pretentious, sanctimonious political correctness his voters soundly rejected on Nov. 8.

By making the appointment, Trump is confirming he dismisses the residual effects of the decades-old smear campaign the Democrats ran against Sessions when his nomination to be a federal judge was before the Senate for confirmation in 1986. It turns out the gods — with Donald Trump’s help — are continuing to vindicate Sessions, who was attacked with condescending stereotypes Southerners and fair-minded people everywhere reject. Because of the Democrats’ efforts to discredit him, Sessions wasn’t confirmed — but that same man was elected to the Senate, served with distinction on the Senate Judiciary Committee and now, it appears, will be America’s next attorney general.