Trump is winning even before he takes office as president

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Michael Goodwin writes:

Donald Trump has come a long way from the “disarray” and “chaos” the media claimed to spy before his transition even got started. Such a long way that it’s fair to say that Trump is having just about the best 24 hours a president-elect could have.

Two A-plus moves — the deal with Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana instead of moving them to Mexico, and getting crime-busting US Attorney Preet Bharara to stay on — keep faith with the populist themes of Trump’s campaign.

He pledged to stand up for workers and stop manufacturing jobs from leaving America. And he pledged to drain the government swamp, which is Bharara’s specialty.

For Trump to deliver two huge down payments in one day is remarkable. Imagine what he can do when he is actually president.

The cynics and NeverTrumpers — remember them? — will be out in force today when Trump takes a highly unusual trip to Indianapolis for the Carrier ceremony.

They’ll say Trump should have the courtesy to wait until President Obama leaves office to do such things. And they’ll scoff that the deal, whatever its terms, is meaningless in the greater scheme of things and insist that Trump will not be able to reverse the flow of American manufacturing jobs to cheaper climes.

There’s no way to disprove a prediction, but the critics don’t get the significance of the deal for the same reason they never understood Trump’s “America First” appeal. The heart of the deal is those 1,000 workers who will keep their jobs.

They won’t be shuffled off to a job-training program that is too often a fig leaf for endless welfare. And their families will be better off and so will the businesses and stores where they live and shop.