Trump is following through on his promise to voters to put ‘America first’

President-elect Donald Trump went to Indianapolis Thursday and made a deal with Carrier to save “over 1,000 jobs headed to Mexico.”

Then he began a “thank you” tour in Cincinnati the same night ‘in front of a jubilant crowd of 15,000 people to thank voters for their support’:

Surprises are routine with Trump, and his speech didn’t disappoint. For nearly 50 manic minutes, he was at turns joyous, boastful and policy specific in a performance that reminded once again that no apple cart will go unturned.

And make no mistake, he is not about to forgive ‘the national liberal media for its savage bias. Several times he referred to the press corps in the arena as “dishonest,” and each time the crowd followed his cue with loud, sustained booing.’:

In response, Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post, who was tweeting snarky lines all night, said on Twitter: “Boo the press if you want. Then imagine what society would be like without a free press.”

The self-righteousness is hilarious, and Cillizza’s contempt for Trump and his supporters is unprofessional. He and others like him abandoned basic journalism standards to engage in partisan warfare, and haven’t stopped.

They hide behind the First Amendment as if, without them, America would be lost. In fact, democracy prevailed despite them. They violated the public trust and have forfeited any claim to represent anyone except themselves. The national media is just another special-interest group and should be treated as such.

Trump did just that by making an important announcement at the rally: that retired Marine Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis was his pick to be secretary of defense.

Never before has such an important decision been released directly to the public without being filtered through the media. This time, the media got the news the same time the crowd and live TV audience did, and the public got Trump’s boisterous praise for Mattis before the media could interject knee-jerk put downs.

Trump understood the significance of what he was doing, teasing the crowd by saying, “Don’t tell anyone.” He finished the segment by saying Mattis is “the closest thing to General George Patton that we have, and it’s about time,” which brought another roar of approval.

And ‘Trump expanded his theme of “America First” from a slogan into a potential blueprint for a national revival.’

“We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a ‘globalized world,’ ” he said. “But the relationships that people value in this country are local.

“There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag. From now on, it is going to be: America First . . . Never again will any other interests come before the interest of the American people.”

Those are gigantic ideas with enormous policy implications. While isolationism would be a mistake, there is a righteous demand from a broad range of voters that America take better care of the homeland.