Legal status for robots?

‘A European Parliament committee has voted in favor of a draft report that proposes granting legal status to robots, categorizing them as “electronic persons”‘ . . .  ‘with specific rights and obligations, including that of making good any damage they may cause.’

Is this ‘to ensure that robots are and will remain in the service of humans’?

And are they also taking precautions against the future possibility of conscious robots?

Makes you wonder what kind of world humans will be living in, a couple hundred years from now, considering how technologically advanced robots will be, a couple hundred years from now.

Makes you even wonder who or what will be in charge then — humans, or robots?

Or maybe, a couple hundred years from now, humans will have evolved to amalgamate with robots to become immortal cyborgs “in the biggest evolution in biology since the emergence of life four billion years ago.”

The possibilities are mind-boggling.