A grim metaphorical word picture depicting the demise of Trump’s presidency

The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editor, Daniel Henninger, writes:

“A president’s blood is in the water and another White House staff can only look out the windows as the sharks arrive from miles off.

“Dan Rather, who normally toils at explaining away his George W. Bush National Guard story for CBS years ago, swam toward the Trump White House Tuesday to posit that ‘Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now.'”

So President Donald Trump’s blood is in the water — presumably, he, too, is in the water, swimming as he bleeds — and sharks have arrived “from miles off” and Dan Rather is swimming toward the White House.

Reads like a tsunami — sharks and all — hit the area around the White House while The Donald was strolling around the Rose Garden and Dan Rather was on his way to the White House.

Lucky for the White House staff that they were all safely indoors, looking out the windows, watching as the sharks launch into a feeding frenzy. Alas, poor Donald Trump!

Apparently, the grim metaphorical word picture Henninger paints is meant to depict President Trump at the mercy of the forces closing in on him. But does it equate with reality? Probably not, given The Donald’s ability to dodge the barbs the mainstream media throws at him.