Trump Backs Away From Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

President Donald Trump Monday appeared willing to see reason rather than spark a government shutdown over the US-Mexico border wall dispute with Democrats.

Trump and top White House officials were gearing up for a fight for border-wall funding in the new continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded and avoid a shutdown by the end of the week.

But during a meeting with conservative media members at the White House on Monday, Trump said he was willing to budge on his demands to fund the wall in the spending bill.

According to media members in attendance, Trump said he would be open to shifting the timeline for funding of the border wall back to September — when another spending bill will most likely be needed — if it is not included in this week’s legislation.

Trump’s detractors will no doubt call it a flip-flop rather than what it is, a mature attitude on his part in opting for flexibility instead of a government shutdown.

The border wall isn’t the be all and end all of everything at this stage.