Now It’s Scaramucci’s Turn to Be Ousted by President Trump

After only 10 days, “Anthony Scaramucci has been removed from the communications director post.” He is “the seventh major administration official to leave in Mr. Trump’s first six months.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the president is “tired of the chaos and the confusion” in the West Wing, adding, however, that “Trump reserves the right to cause chaos himself.”

Drudge Nails It: John McCain Is Face of Corruption

Matt Drudge of Drudge Report fame certainly took umbrage to Senator John McCain’s “recent thumbs-down vote on Obamacare repeal.”

Drudge tweeted a message “atop a photo of a McCain campaign photo that included the senator’s face and this text: ‘John McCain: Leading the fight to stop Obamacare.’”

The inference was unmistakable: McCain did what he did “because he hates Trump more than he loves the American people. And for a supposed war hero, that’s quite a statement to send.”

McCain’s “legacy now is as a traitor to the conservative cause. Or, as Drudge likes to call it: ‘Corruption.'”

Regardless of whether one is a Republican or a Democrat, and regardless of whether one is sad or glad that the bid to repeal Obamacare failed, one’s impression at the time was that McCain’s decisive thumbs-down lacked the ring of integrity.

The Emerging Democratic Minority?

“If Democrats can’t take advantage of Trump’s troubles in next year’s midterms, they could be out of power in Congress for a long time.”

That’s according to National Journal’s political editor Josh Kraushaar who sees a looming danger for the Democratic Party if it doesn’t focus more on economic priorities and less on President Trump.

Kraushaar writes:

Democrats deserve credit in uniting their party to block GOP attempts at rolling back Obamacare. They managed to outline a vague list of economic priorities in hopes of convincing voters they’re not just obsessed with President Trump. But even after six months of shambolic Republican governance, Democrats are still viewed as an unacceptable alternative to many persuadable voters in middle America.

Is a Devastating Military Strike Against North Korea Imminent?

Will we wake up one morning soon to news of a devastating United States military strike against North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities?

Apparently, that is indeed a distinct likelihood:

DONALD Trump ‘is to order a military strike against North Korea within a year’ after Kim Jong-un’s military boasted it had fired a ballistic missile capable of hitting the US.

Senior military sources in Washington have reportedly claimed Pentagon officials have laid out plans to obliterate a nuclear weapons facility operating deep within a mountain range inside the rogue state.

With parts of the American mainland now within range of Kim Jong-un’s nuclear-potential missiles, the threat to both regional stability and U.S. security couldn’t be starker.

Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander, said that while diplomacy is still the first option, “we have a responsibility to our allies and our nation to showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for the worst-case scenario,” adding, “If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing.”