Antifa Is a Real and Present Threat to Our Republic

Ned Ryun, author and CEO of American Majority Action and its sister organization, American Majority, maintains that “for all the talk of Trumpian bluster or exaggeration,” the only group that poses a real threat to America’s democracy is “the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ movement, now commonly called ‘Antifa.'”

Far from being anti-fascist or anti-racist as they portray themselves to be, their real goal is to systematically eliminate free speech, free assembly, and free thought “via any means necessary, including violent protest.”

“It is the imposition of a perverse type of intolerance based on Marxist and Chinese communist values that,” as anybody can see, “is far more welcome and pervasive within the Democrat Party” of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren “than neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists are in the Republican Party. The gunman, James Hodgkinson, who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and four others in Alexandria was a habitual Antifa website visitor and advocate and Sanders volunteer. Even Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s son has been identified as an Antifa activist.”

Yet, the media would have us believe that it is the white supremacist movement that is the real threat to our republic. Consider that most media estimates put the Antifa movement, largely built out of the “Occupy” movement of 2008-2010, at more than 200,000 members. The Southern Poverty Law Center, on the other hand, puts the number of Klu Klux Klan members at about 6,000 KKK … in a country of almost 330 million. But actions speak volumes compared to mere numbers.

The vandalized statue of Christopher Columbus? Antifa. The statue torn down in Charlotte, N.C.? Antifa. The violence in Charlottesville? Antifa. The violence in Seattle? Antifa. Not excusing the vile nature of the white supremacist protest, but it was a licensed march that remained comparatively nonviolent, albeit troubling, until, as one eyewitness described it, “It started raining balloons filled with urine, feces, paint, burning chemicals & boards with nails driven into them.”

This violence against reprehensible, yet innocent citizens, and more importantly, law enforcement, which the Antifa routinely violently opposes, is not the result of a few bad apples. It’s the fundamental philosophy of the loose confederation of Antifa cells, much of it laid out for all to read on “how to” websites. […]

Increasingly, the violence we are seeing on the streets is not the result of the alt-right movement, but of the Antifa movement imposing their views on our society: tearing down statues, burning the American flag, shutting down town hall meetings, destroying private property and looting. All of it tactical toward achieving the goals of destroying the American culture, society and economy. Never mind that the tactics are themselves the tactics of the fascist.