How One Woman’s Drug Addiction Cost Her Everything

From the New York Post:

Two days before last Christmas, Beth Stephens was full of plans and promise. The brilliant, 39-year-old scientist who had studied in Paris, completed a Ph.D. in microbiology and had worked as a researcher for the federal government seemed to be getting her life back together.

The slim, fun-loving brunette who enjoyed outdoor concerts, afternoon chats over strong coffee with friends and showing off her soccer moves to her 9-year-old nephew, Lincoln, was determined to move out of a dark place.

“I’m out of the shelter now. Plan to put in a few online job apps and follow up w another,” wrote Stephens in a series of texts to a friend, studded with exclamation points, happy faces, and chatter about plans for Christmas Eve.

Hours after she sent that text, she lay dying in the lobby of a garbage-strewn Bronx housing complex. Police answering a 911 call rushed her to nearby Lincoln Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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