It’s Time for a Special Counsel on Hillary Clinton’s Russia Scandal

In April 2015, the story broke that the Obama administration, in concert with Hillary Clinton’s State Department, allowed Russia “to gain control of 20 percent of America’s uranium” reserves. The news sent shock waves reverberating “through the halls of power in Washington.” It was unfathomable, why the United States would approve a deal giving Russia and Vladimir Putin one-fifth of its strategic uranium reserves.

Then, during the 2016 presidential campaign, fresh light was cast on the matter when questions arose about “money flowing to the Clinton Foundation, accusations of pay for play with financial benefits for the Clintons winning out over national security concerns,” and the Obama Justice Department seeming “to do nothing about it.”

There was more than enough smoke for the FBI to investigate official government favors in exchange for big donations to the Clinton Foundation, but agents ran into a hyper-politicized Attorney General in Loretta Lynch, whose public integrity section said it “did not have enough evidence to move forward,” according to Washington Post in October 2016.

Last week, blockbuster allegations surfaced in The Hill shedding light on what was happening inside the Obama administration and FBI while Russia was seeking control of massive amounts of our uranium supply. It turns out that the Obama administration inexplicably approved the uranium deal with Russia even though the FBI was investigating a massive corruption scheme that included bribery, extortion and other felonies involving Russia’s nuclear energy industry in the United States.

And “a key FBI informant in the Russian corruption case,” who was — and still is — eager to provide vital evidence, “was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying before Congress. This individual must now be cleared to tell his story to congressional investigators without delay.”

Moreover, “with the new allegations surrounding Russian corruption and the Uranium One deal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions must finally appoint an impartial special counsel to thoroughly investigate these matters.”