Cali Man Plans to Launch Himself in a Home-Made Rocket to Prove Earth Is Flat

Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old limo driver in California, has built himself a steam-powered rocket out of scrap metal parts in his garage in which he hopes to launch himself miles up into the sky.

Hughes says he’s doing it to prove that astronauts lied about the shape of the Earth. He expects to take pictures showing that the Earth is actually a flat disc.

Good luck with that.

New Delhi’s ‘Gas Chamber’ Smog Stops United Airlines Flights to the City

Toxic smog that, according to one official, has turned India’s capital city into a ‘gas chamber,’ has caused United Airlines to cancel “flights to New Delhi until the air gets better.”

In United’s view, “the Indian capital’s smog concerns are on par with environmental disasters like hurricanes and volcanoes — a risk to be avoided. The company said it was letting passengers switch flights without charge or helping them find seats on other carriers.”