Man Intervenes in Couple’s Argument — Gets Tossed 45 Feet Off a Bridge

Talk about a good intention backfiring with a vengeance:

Connecticut police say a man threw another man off a bridge because he intervened in an argument between the suspect and his girlfriend.

Derby police charged Gregory Rottjer, 25, with attempted murder in connection with the Thanksgiving morning encounter that left unidentified Monroe man, 30, seriously injured. Rottjer faces arraignment Tuesday.

Rottjer’s friend, Matthew Dorso, 27, who was at the scene, was charged with assault while Rottjer’s girlfriend, Jennifer Hannum, 22, was charged with lying to police about the incident.

Reportedly, “the victim fell 45 feet and is still recovering from the fall.”

That guy is lucky to still be alive. One thing’s for sure, he learned the hard way that it can be deadly dangerous to intervene in a couple’s argument.