The Republican Tax Bill Is an American Betrayal

“The American people voted for populism,” and got fobbed off with plutocracy:

According to a poll from Public Policy Polling, 57 percent of Americans now approve of the Affordable Care Act. Only 29 percent approve of the GOP’s tax cuts.

Reflect on those numbers for a moment. Republicans have managed to make tax cuts less popular than Obamacare. It’s impressive.

And yet last week, given an opportunity to tweak their bill before final passage, to make it something the American people might like a little better, the main change Republicans made was to lower the top tax rate — the rate paid by the richest Americans — even more.

There is something wrong with a political system where the presidency is won on a populist message and the resulting policy is pure plutocracy, where #DrainTheSwamp becomes tax breaks for hedge funds, the well-connected, and the president’s family.