Donald Trump is not attacking the FBI, even as he attacks the FBI

Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent James A. Gagliano writes:

Does anyone truly believe that Trump is attacking the 35,000-plus FBI employees? When the POTUS tweets that the FBI is “in tatters” or that its reputation is the “worst in history,” is he aiming his ire and disappointment at the rank and file?

One word: No.

So, please, don’t conflate what clearly appears to be the president’s social media animus aimed at certain compromised senior level FBI executives with the FBI as an entity.

I am no fan of Trump, and I should be one of the “aggrieved.” And I’m not.

The president, along with innumerable others, are fairly alarmed at what may be occurring on the seventh floor executive suites within FBI headquarters. Yesterday, I even listened to former colleagues of mine, retired FBI Assistant Directors Tom Fuentes on CNN, and Chris Swecker on FOX, make the exact same points. Changes need to be made at FBI headquarters. And it has zero to do with how cases are investigated in the field.

So we have joined a chorus of retired FBI voices and press-restricted onboard employees that have squarely placed the blame for the FBI’s diminished reputation on questionable senior leader decisions. The FBI has long pledged fealty to simply following the evidence, investigating potential federal crimes, bereft of fear or favor.

But here we are.

The“Trump vs. FBI” conflagration has resulted in a sharp increase of donations to the FBI Agents Association — some 2,000 this month, totaling over $140,000. This largesse will aid charity causes that include providing for the children of slain FBI Agents. Yet, in an agency that eschews accusations of its politicization, the Association could almost ironically be viewed as “fundraising” off this “war.”

But, let’s carefully clarify the “combatants” in this current melee. And let’s be fair.

So we’re all clear: Donald Trump is not attacking the FBI, even as he attacks the FBI.