Democrats embracing fascism

According to retired newspaperman and widely read blogger Don Surber, the “increasingly violent resistance” to the Trump presidency, we see today, began with “Barack Obama’s refusal to lead his party to a peaceful transition of power a year ago.”

It probably motivated Sally Yates to refuse “a legal order as acting attorney general, an “act of insubordination” that should have disqualified her as a lawyer, had there still been “a rule of law in this country.”

And now “Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, the No. 2 man in the DNC, has embraced the Antifa fascists,” making “the Antifa black shirts the brownshirts of his party.”

Since electing Barack Obama president, Democrats have seen their party decimated nationally and at the state level.

Those remaining are bitter radicals. Ellison’s embrace of violence is alarming. Americans rejected Obama’s Marxism. Let’s hope [they reject] Ellison’s Muslim Marxism — especially as he has no problem promoting an increasingly violent movement.