‘Fire and Fury’ confirms what we already knew: Trump is unfit to serve

From The Hill:

The winter bomb cyclone that hit the White House last week in the form of Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury,” offered a scathing portrayal of a White House in chronic disarray and portrayed Donald Trump as mentally unfit and intellectually unprepared and uninterested in being president.

President Trump, his aides and his Republican defenders are in crisis management mode trying to mitigate lasting fallout from that bomb.

Much has been said since the Wolff book exploded onto the scene, including that some of the details are not true and that they are par for the course for a bombastic and controversial writer like Wolff.

But there does seem to be wide consensus from real journalists — not partisans — who have covered Trump on the campaign and in the White House that agree that the overall portrayal of Trump in the book — that he is ill-prepared, shows little interest in the details of policies, that folks around him are concerned that he is not up to the task of being president — are accurate.

This is the most damning aspect that can be derived from this book. It’s not that the overall picture is anything we haven’t seen before or that any of it shows us anything new about Trump himself. What is damning is the notion that even those closest to the president do not believe he is fit to carry out the duties of the office.

Trump’s own response demanding that he is a “very stable genius” proves he is anything but that. This should be concerning to every American as it is to all of our allies and global partners around the world.

“Trump’s staff allowed Wolff unfettered access to the West Wing,” and all the while he played them “like a fiddle. He wrote nice pieces about Trump early on and made sure to criticize the mainstream media for being too hard on Trump in their coverage. He ingratiated himself in the most blatant and transparent manner possible — he catered to Trump’s ego.”

Similarly, “Trump played his supporters and those who voted for him. He promised them that once elected, he would “be so presidential” we would all be bored. Well that day of Donald Trump acting presidential still has not come, nor will it.”