Temperatures plunge to minus 88 F in remote Russia: Winter storm kills 15 in southern U.S.

From Katy Galimberti, AccuWeather staff writer:

Winter weather wreaked havoc across the southeastern United States this week, causing hundreds of accidents and leaving tens of thousands without power.

At least 15 people have died as a result of the storm, according to the Associated Press. Several were killed in vehicle accidents while others died from exposure due to frigid conditions.

And in western Europe, a winter storm “also created dangerous conditions and travel nightmares this week” with nearly 10 deaths reported “across three countries (Belgium, Germany and Netherlands).”

But nothing compares, cold-weather-wise, with “parts of remote Russia,” where “temperatures plunged to minus 88 degrees Fahrenheit this week.”

Two men froze to death in Yakutia in eastern Siberia after trying to find help when their car broke down.

Yakutia is home to roughly one million people who are used to intense cold. Students attend school even as temperatures fall to minus 40 F, but this wave of extreme cold led to cancellations this week.

The extreme cold received worldwide attention after pictures of frozen eyelashes surfaced on social media. According to TIME Magazine, the cold barely made headlines in local media.