Tom Cotton slams Lindsey Graham for calling him the Steve King of the Senate

“Sen. Tom Cotton on Friday lashed out at fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham for accusing him of being the “Steve King of the Senate” as a jab at taking hardline positions on immigration issues.” Cotton told “a group of reporters on Capitol Hill that because Graham failed to win the Republican presidential primary in 2016, he is unqualified to lead the charge on immigration issues now.”

“The difference between Steve King and Lindsey Graham is that Steve King can actually win an election in Iowa,” Cotton vented. “Look, we had an election in 2016. Immigration was a major issue there and the American people and especially Republican primary voters made it clear that they wanted Donald Trump’s vision of immigration policy, not Lindsey Graham’s. He didn’t make it to the starting line and he didn’t even make it off the kiddie table in the debates.”