Nunes sets sights on State Department next, says FISA memo only ‘phase one’

From Fox News:

The furor over House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ push to release the “surveillance memo” is only the beginning.

The Republican chairman said Monday the release of the long-awaited document on alleged law enforcement surveillance abuse was just “phase one” of his investigation, and the next phase will involve probing the State Department for what he called “irregularities.”

“What we will do in phase two is follow the facts where they lead, and when we get enough facts, we will figure out a way to let the American people know,” Nunes told “Fox & Friends.”

Nunes, R-Calif., has come under heavy fire in recent weeks for making public the four-page Republican-authored memo on the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act under the Obama administration. But after the memo was published Friday with the blessing of the White House, Nunes and GOP committee members made clear they’re just getting started.

“Phase one of our investigation was getting to the FISA abuse. What we’re looking at now is the State Department and some of the irregularities there,” Nunes said Monday, noting that the committee has “several other areas” to probe.