Anti-cop ex-professor calls spate of officers killed ‘pig death stats’

From Fox News:

A former criminal justice adjunct professor whose social media posts proclaimed his “privilege to teach future dead cops” has doubled down, this time referring to “pig death stats” in reaction to a recent spate of police officers killed on duty.

“My favorite thing about pig death stats is how they just lump all deaths on duty together whether they’re killed or just have a heart attack from all the donuts,” read a tweet from @ve_unblockedt, one of two known accounts for Michael Isaacson. The tweet was posted the same day a police commander was shot and killed in downtown Chicago, making him the 11th officer to be killed by gunfire across the country this year.

Isaacson, who has used the hashtag #abolishpolice, most recently taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, one of the nation’s highest-profile schools for students planning careers in law enforcement.

Isaacson, whose employment at John Jay ended last year, with no official announcement, on Tuesday also tweeted he had no second thoughts about the “future dead cops” tweet that sparked the original controversy. On the page, titled “antifascist superbowl champions,” he said: “Yeah i don’t regret my future dead cops tweet at all at all.”