Iceland considers criminalizing circumcision  

From The Washington Times:

The first shot has been fired in the 21st century European war on religion. The front line is the tiny country of Iceland.

Members of Iceland’s parliament from five different parties have proposed a law banning circumcision. Punishment for those convicted of performing the religious practice would be six years in prison.

It is no surprise the first shot in this war is aimed at minority religions, too few in number to have any national clout. There are only about 100 Jews in Iceland, and some several hundred Muslims. They are too weak to speak out for themselves, but others outside of the country who understand the danger of criminalizing religious practices are speaking out on their behalf and on behalf of religious freedom. […]

Today’s Europeans may consider themselves sophisticated, modern or post-modern, but their words conceal primitive motivations. They are poised to endorse an ancient anti-religious tactic, and for the same old reasons — to impose their dominant religious culture on minorities in their midst.

The first shot in Europe’s war on religion may come from little Iceland, but don’t ignore it. Similar legislation is under discussion elsewhere in Europe.