Nolte: The government failed, no one was Armed, 17 innocents died

By John Nolte:

The only lesson a rational person can take away from the Parkland school massacre, is this: federal and local law enforcement is either too corrupt, inept, or hamstrung, to protect our children. Therefore, we must protect ourselves.

In the days and months leading up to last week’s mass murder in Parkland, Florida, the American people did their job. They saw something and they said something — numerous times. Local and federal law enforcement were warned.

Again and again and again, bloody-red flags popped up around this monster. Still, government balls were dropped, government ineptitude reigned, government bureaucracy stalled. Whatever the inexcusable and catastrophic reasons are, that does not matter. What matters is this…

Seventeen innocent people died because they were unarmed and helpless, because their government failed at its primary job — to protect the life of its citizens.

Knowing these facts, Democrats and their media allies are still rabid to exploit this latest government failure as a means to provoke and promote even more government failures.