Attorney General Sessions defends his own ‘integrity and honor’ after Trump attacks him  

Jeff Sessions finally responds to a Donald Trump tweet attack against him.


Attorney General stood up to President Trump in an extraordinary response to his boss after the president ripped him online for having an independent internal watchdog review alleged warrant abuse.

Sessions, who has been on the receiving end of multiple presidential online shots throughout his turbulent tenure, defended his own ‘integrity and honor’ in the face of Trump’s attack.

‘We have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this Department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary,’ Sessions said in a statement.

Then the former Alabama senator added: ‘As long as I am the attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and the Constitution.’

His response — and his invocation the non-fixed nature of his position — came after Trump blasted him Wednesday over his handling of a probe of alleged ‘potentially massive’ surveillance abuse that touched his presidential campaign.

Trump went after Sessions — whom he went after mercilessly on Twitter earlier in his term — a day after Sessions said his agency’s internal inspector general would probe the allegations.

‘Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse,’ Trump wrote, leaving out a question mark at the end of his inquiry.

‘Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn’t the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!’

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