Are Putin’s new nukes a real threat?  

From New York Magazine:

As terrifying as the thought of nuclear-armed drones and “invincible” nuclear missiles may be, these revelations don’t actually change the balance of power between Russia and the U.S. in any meaningful way. For one thing, the Pentagon was already aware that Russia was developing some of these technologies, as indicated in the nuclear posture review ordered by President Donald Trump last year and published in January. The supposed threat posed by Russia’s military innovations are part of the justification for the new sea-based nukes the Trump administration wants to develop, as well as Trump’s stated desire to spend $1.2 trillion modernizing and expanding the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

The key bit of context to keep in mind here is that the U.S. and Russia both possess enough atomic firepower that a nuclear exchange between them would wipe both countries off the map and basically cause the collapse of human civilization as we know it.

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