Democrat senator calls for Jared Kushner to be fired from the White House as questions mount over financial dealings in Qatar  

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A high-ranking Democrat senator has called for Jared Kushner’s ouster from the White House if troubling reports about the President’s son-in-law are true.

Senator Chris Murphy, of Connecticut, spoke out on Sunday about the mounting allegations about Kushner’s family financial dealings in the Middle East, and implications that he used US foreign policy as a tool of personal retaliation.

‘If it’s true, it’s damning,’ Murphy told ABC News. ‘If it’s true he’s got to go.’

The allegations date back to April of 2017, when Kushner’s father Charles met with Qatari Finance Minister Ali Sharif Al Emadi, according to a new report from the Intercept.

At the meeting in the St. Regis Hotel in New York, Charles sought a cash infusion from Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund for the Kushner family’s 666 Fifth Avenue property in Manhattan but was rebuffed, two sources told the publication.

The Kushner Companies’ Fifth Avenue property is reportedly facing some $1.4billion in debt that is due in 2019.

The following month, in May 2017, Kushner accompanied Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia in his first foreign trip as president.

On the trip, the White House strongly backed Saudi Arabia in a blockade against regional rival Qatar, convincing other Gulf states to join the sanctions and sealing a $350billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

‘For many of us that follow the Middle East closely, we could not understand why the Trump administration was so firmly taking the Saudis’ side in this dispute between the Saudis, the Emiratis and the Qataris, because the United States has very important interests in Qatar,’ Murphy said on Sunday.

The US maintains a key airbase in Qatar with over 11,000 personnel.

‘If the reason that this administration put US troops at risk in Qatar was to protect the Kushners’ financial interests, then that’s all the evidence you need to make some big changes in the White House,’ Murphy said.

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